Globally, there are over 46,000 Lion's Clubs and 1.4 million plus members, which makes us the world's largest, most effective, volunteer service organization.

As Lions, we do whatever is needed to help our community.

From the children who need may need eyeglasses, to the Senior Citizens who don’t have enough to eat, to the people around the globe that we may never even meet, we are dedicated to help each and every one.


Hi, my name is Ellen Pruden and I have been a West Earl Lion for 2 years.

I became a lion because of my grandparents. You see my grandfather was a lion and my grandmother a lioness. I saw how they served their community and I was blessed that they included me in the different events. I cried when I was called to become a local lion, I knew they were watching.

I work locally and serve the local community. I am happy to discuss the many benefits of becoming a West Earl Lion.

Simply fill out the contact form or email me directly at

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west earl lions club

We believe that the world gets better and problems get smaller when people unite to serve local and global communities. Lions International help where help is needed – in our own communities and around the world – with unmatched integrity and energy. Since 1917, Lions Clubs have strengthened communities through humanitarian projects and hands-on service. We serve our friends, neighbors, and people on the other side of the world, that we may never meet.

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Become a Lion

As a Lion, you’ll join a local group of service-minded men and women who work together to strengthen our community. You’ll also be part of something bigger—a worldwide network of dedicated volunteers, who are successful at improving communities around the world. By becoming a member, you'll make a difference with those who need it most. These people may be your neighbors, church members and even your friends. Be the difference in your community. Be a Lion!

west earl lions club lancaster pa